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  • Bend Time with quantum visioning
  • Self Projection into a states massive achievement 
  • Develop unshakeable motivation to work ON your business, not just FOR your business
  • Develop the diamond strength decision-making confidence for rapid heart-centered-business growth
  • Become a powerful task delegator so you can stay in your genius zone and do the soul work you are meant to do

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Wild Crafted Hypnosis.
Just For You by
Lara Brightside

Wild Crafted Hypnosis. Just For You by Lara Brightside

meet Lara - an energy-raising wonder woman who is able to see potential where others may not and translate that into lucrative businesses that do good.

As a Mentor, Visionary, & Spiritual Entrepreneur Lara supports leaders live soul-forward lives by aligning values to business and creating systems that scale impact, global reach & financial growth.

As Co-CEO of Living Brightside Enterprises, Lara is motivated by helping holistic business owners like yourself take their expertise online and experience new levels of success.

"My evolving intuition tells me that we should chat and that it will lead to wonderful and magical things!"


"BRIGHTSIDE is the BEST Get ready to have your life changed for the better more than you could ever anticipate!"
Aidan Mayes. Musician Teacher, Online Course Creator

Working with Brightside is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
Melanie Davis. Theta Healer, Angel Reader, Inuitive Online Course Creator

This experience has been SO magical and empowering. I am SO grateful for Lara's support, and so excited with what I am creating and the possibililty that I am now open to me.

Liz Chamberland. Artist, Online Course Creator

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