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How to Quickly & Easefully Turn Your Expertise into An Online Program that Impacts Many!

Create your dream online group program without the pitfalls of sleazy selling, tech roadblocks,

or the shadows of self-doubt!

The Valuable Insights You’ll Walk Away With:

? Foundational Paradigm Shift: Skyrocket and future-proof your business from day one with this counter-intuitive and often overlooked business building mindset and strategy.

Bypass Online Business Pitfalls: Uncover why typical advice might steer you wrong and learn the true steps to online success.

? Holistic Business Blueprint: Ensure you thrive, not just survive. Avoid burnout with our tried-and-tested systems from dozens of successful ventures.

? Unlock True Freedom: Shed self-doubt and step into a state of confidence and expansion for unparalleled online impact!

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Event Date: OCTOBER 5TH

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For Experts, Healers, Therapists, & Passionate Creatives looking to Share Their Gifts Online!

Your Hosts:

Brought to you by Kevin & Lara Brightside - an energy-raising team who see potential where others may not, transforming their clients into lucrative business owners focused on doing great things for others and the planet.

By aligning values to business you too can scale your impact, experience financial growth, and be in love with your business.

? Why Attend This Live Event?

At this event we will be revealing the exact principles we’ve used to grow our business and catapult our clients' businesses to new heights.

This is not another one of those webinars that promises you the world and delivers you a pebble.

We’ll be diving deep into the strategies, processes, techniques, and mindsets that have the potential to change your life and transform your business forever.

I promise you you’ll want to bring a notepad and a fresh pen.

Is This Event Right For You?

Are you an expert in your industry, a healer, a therapist, or a passionate creative looking to share your gifts and positively impact more people?

Does the thought of moving your business online sound like a major headache to you?

Do terms like “Landing Page,” “Email Sequence,” or “Automated Sales Funnel” leave you in a cold sweat with a bad taste in your mouth?

Do you often find yourself stuck in a rut, a victim of your own self-sabotaging habits like procrastination, perfectionism, or self-doubt?

The good news is - you’re in the right place.

The holistic business system we’ve created and this live presentation explaining it was
created for people who want to expand their impact and grow their business while saving time, avoiding tech-induced headaches, and never having to feel or sound like just another sleazy sales-person.

Client Results:


Shortly after our call and dialing in my ideal client, one landed in my inbox and I signed up my first client in the new $10K offer! Thank you for being really lovingly fierce with me around the unconscious blocking that was going on to get to this point. I've been super clear and inspired since our call. I really feel a profound pivot happening. Thank you for caring, for being strong with me, for seeing me, and for supporting me and giving me these next steps. I really, really value who you are in my life.”

Ajaya Founder of Core Embodiment, Flow-State Guide, Creative Catalyst


I broke 5-figures in my first launch and I feel amazing! When I signed up to work with you, I was on the brink of giving up. You saved me. I feel so much hope now. This means everything to me. The fact I can do this and it’s repeatable, it’s so great. Maybe there are other things I could do that feel “safe”, like having a corporate job, but I don’t want to do that. Now, I’ve proven that I can live my life, be me, and do what I want to do!”

Heather Author, Ayurvedic Guide to Optimal-Primal Feminine Health


"BRIGHTSIDE is the BEST Get ready to have your life changed for the better more than you could ever anticipate! I created a whole course and couldn’t be prouder of it, and now my big program has a baby program to piggy back - oh, I see the method to your magicalness now!!! I am so grateful for all the love and support and pro systems you guys have empowered me with… just wow!!! And I just signed up two more people!!!"

Aidan Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, Music Teacher Extraordinaire

A Few Of Our Past & Present Clients:

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