Webinar Sales Script:
Hi there!

Welcome to… How to Quickly & Easefully Turn Your Expertise into An Online Program that Impacts Many

… without the pitfalls of sleazy selling, tech roadblocks, or the shadows of self-doubt!

I understand that this may seem like a significant promise or commitment on my part, yet I assure you, it is an undeniable truth.

The path I am about to unveil has been my daily source of strength, freedom & peace in this world, and it has also illuminated the way for my cherished clients. It holds the potential to guide your journey as well.

Let’s get right into it.

Make sure you have a notepad and pen.
Turn notifications off and let's go on a journey together.

This next hour you spend with me will change your life in a BIG way if you listen with your full presence.

If you're making dinner or folding laundry while you watch this, just be ready to hit pause so you can jot down anything you want to remember.

And don't try listening to this on silent. You will miss too much because I haven’t put all of the text on the slides.

Just a reminder too, that you can pause and come back to me but you have a limited amount of time to watch this training.

I'll send you a few reminders, but let's face it, time whizzes by so make this a priority if having an online group program that sells & impacts many is one of your intentions.

I'm also going to briefly switch around my camera and let you see me for a sec.

Okay, so there you can see me, you can see that I am a real person. I’m not AI generated. I am real, My company is real…

See we incorporated in 2015. My husband is just outside my office door helping our clients.

And I’m excited to introduce you to the Brightside world.

Now, I’m going to flip the camera back around so we can just focus on the presentation and I won’t distract you with my facial expressions & hand movements.

Now, let's just make sure you’re exactly where you should be because it’s annoying when you get through a whole training just to realize it’s not for you.

This training is meant for you if:

You are an experienced or in-demand healer, therapist, creative, or professional who wants to take your work online and create a #WFA (work from anywhere) business that grows your impact & income.

Let’s define “experienced”:

You have experience as a healer or therapist working 1-to-1 with clients and maybe you’ve done some group work,


You are a creative, professional who has experience offering your services, or talents & skills for hire.

You first have to have experience getting people real results with your expertise OR you have to be offering your talents/services for hire before moving into offering an online group program because you must be clear on who you best help & how.

This is also meant for you if you have experience and…

You’ve given some thought to having an online business.

You might have even started sharing your work online, but you haven't taken the leap into being fully committed.

This is also meant for you if:

You've tried to launch an online program but struggled to work with the tech and create a consistent flow of clients.

Or maybe you've battled with perfectionism or procrastination.

Keeping you from being able to move forward or gaining clarity about what to do and in what order to do it to be successful.

Or maybe

You’ve been let down by other business coaches or programs that didn’t give you the support you needed or made you feel like you were just another faceless name on their “buyers list.”

If you can say “Yes! That’s me!” to any of the above, this is going to work for you.

Believe me, I know, I have been in all of those places and spent a lot of money on coaching programs that left me feeling defeated and unimportant - if any of this sounds like you, I want you to know that the struggle you’ve felt in the past is not your fault.

There is a lot of information out there and when you haven’t built a successful online business before it’s extremely difficult to know who to hire.
Everyone is trying to sell you their thing, their speciality.

There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just when you’re new to online business there’s a very specific set of foundational steps you need to take (just like with any business!).

Also, any information that you find for free on YouTube or through 5-Day Challenges or elsewhere doesn’t give you all the answers - just a small glimpse behind the curtain of what’s possible.

Free or low cost content are that brand’s or person’s marketing strategy, giving you a taste of what you need.

So, how do you know what to invest in?

You need someone like me who cares about you and with over a decade of proven success to take you by the hand & show you.

We work specifically with Spiritual Entrepeneurs who want to bring their work online.

You’ve probably been told all sorts of things like…

“build a website,”
“start a podcast,”
“build your audience on social media,”
“do a TED Talk,”
“write a book/e-book,”
“Build a YouTube channel.”

It’s enough to drive you mad!

I’m going to show you why these are NOT the steps to take right now - they are nothing more than distractions, at least until some super key things are in place.

You are an expert in your area of genius.
You’ve already helped many people, lifted many spirits.

You probably have many amazing certifications and you’re always filling yourself up with new knowledge and wisdom.

You do not need to also be an expert in online business!

We need you to continue amplifying your expertise & talents in helping people in unique ways only YOU can.

I’m going to share with you exactly what you do need in place.

And yes, overtime, you’ll become an expert in YOUR own online soul-led business.

But first, let’s do a bit of energy work.

We do a lot of that at the Brightside. We start all of our calls with a meditation because we need to be in the right energy and mindset first for everything to fall into place.

Let’s cut the cords to whatever didn’t work in the past, forgive, and move on with open hearts and minds…


Ah, that always makes me feel so much better.

So instead of confusion, we find calm, we find clarity.

Instead of being worried that things won’t work, letting self-doubt, perfectionism, or things like the ‘fear of selling’ get in the way…

Instead of getting bogged down by technology and social media…

We move forward with tried & true practices that have worked for thousands of years.

We're going to get you into a very different place in your business.

A place where you have a whole new income stream.

A place where you’re impacting lives around the world through the power of the internet.

Trying to guess what our magical solution is?

To put it simply, it’s what every new online business owner needs.

A comprehensive road map.

It’s not until your business is up and running and you have a steady flow of clients that it makes sense to test these one-off solutions you’re seeing ads for online.

And if you’ve done foundational work on your business already such as clarifying your ideal client, I can tell you with confidence that you need to go back to the basics because if you did the foundational work properly you would NOT be on this training.

Here's where we're gonna get you.

You are going to get to experience the excitement, the joy, and the relief of being fully taken care of and fulfilled by your soul-work.

Where you’re being paid to be the best version of yourself.

And experience validation of your expertise by helping many people worldwide.

You know you are meant for more and that reaching people online is the best way to create the impact you are destined for!

You were born at this time to be the age you are now to claim this opportunity!

You can proudly demonstrate to everyone in your life, particularly those who have doubted you, that you can indeed achieve success in the realm of online business.

And you’ll have the satisfaction of being able to set your own schedule and work from anywhere you please!

You are in charge of your financial future, your time, and the way in which you share your gifts & interact with & impact the world!

And an online business is the most effective vehicle to get you there.

Inspired yet?! I hope so!

So very quickly,

Who am I? How do I know what I'm talking about?

Hi, my name is Lara Brightside and I am an intuitive & soul-led entrepreneur.

Have been my entire career.

A lot of people think it’s hard to create a successful spiritual business, but it’s all I’ve ever known!

Straight out of University, in 2011, through synchronistic events I was hired by one of the top online education companies in the world, MindValley. I worked with them for four years, and my career took off from there.

I started building a digital agency helping spiritual entrepreneurs grow their online businesses through all kinds of online group programs such as courses, masterminds, memberships, etc.

I retired my husband from forestry work in 2013 and we both began living the laptop lifestyle.

Here are just a few things we did in our agency:

Launch Management
Blog Management
Customer Support
Email Marketing
Facebook Group Development
Ontraport CRM Development
Online Program Delivery
Project Management
Marketing Strategy & Management
Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Funnels
Social Media Development
Sales Development
Business Development
Facebook Advertising Campaigns
YouTube Digital Advertising & Consulting
Website Development

Charging HOURLY to some clients & some tasks - like customer support - as low as $25/hour - and the highest we went with some clients (also because had profit share agreements) was $44/hour.

I almost can’t believe that now!
And this wasn’t that long ago - 2020.

Collectively, our team was doing hundreds of hours/month - 100+ hours per month per client in some cases.

We’ve been at this since 2013!

Learning and executing everything under the sun to do with online business development.

Also, #WFA’ing. We’ve been doing the digital nomad thing before people knew what that was.

But we faced a big problem.

We didn’t want to have to keep bringing on more 1:1 clients in order to make more money and more of an impact.

This was a recipe for burn out.

And we knew we didn’t want to keep expanding our team because that just means more work to manage.

We knew there was a better, easier, and much more fun way to make the impact we knew we were meant for.

I wanted to stop trading time for money.

I wanted to stop charging less than what I felt the value of our work was worth.

I didn’t want my business to be reliant on me having to physically show up every day (for 8+ hours/day!).

I wanted a more open and spacious calendar. Free to do what I want when I want.

Technology to do most of the heavy-lifting.

I wanted to show up in my business in my genius zone.

The answer was right in front of me…

For a long time, Kevin would say things to me like, “Just let me know when you’re ready to launch your own program!”
We were launching online group programs & memberships for clients for so many years, and this was a no brainer to create one ourselves!
But I was scared.
I was scared of how life would change.
And something was telling me that I could help more people if I came out from behind the curtain.
It was tough to let go of all of these private clients who we built relationships with and who were paying the bills, but the pain of continuing that way of working was greater.
I knew what was possible because I was helping our clients create consistent high 5-figure & 6-figure months and besides recording their content they only had to show up for a few group client calls each month.
I remember this one time a client saying, “it’s so great! I can be away on vacation and you guys are running my launch bringing in the moola!”
I wanted that for myself, too!
And I want to teach other people our methods because THEY WORK.
We had high-profile clients with big expectations, which definitely helped us grow so I am thankful to them for motivating us to reach for big goals. It made us really good at what we do.
It was time to set goals for ourselves and not be at the whim of other people’s goals!
And figure out how we could help more people!
As soon as I went ALL IN and truly believed in myself, our mentor’s guidance, and our strengths, everything started coming together.
Self-sabotage tried to rear its ugly head by trying to make me unsure of the process but I didn’t let it get the best of me.
We had a goal of 10 clients in our first Group Program and we reached that easily.
And we’ve continued to expand our ability to serve every year!
Between then and through 2021, we more than doubled our revenue from the previous year, and we surpassed the $1Mill mark in 2022. And continue to grow as much as we want to.

The point is that this system that we've created, what I now call the Client Amplification System, took us from charging less than $50/hour & having to work 8+ hours/day to making our wildest dream of a freedom-based business a reality in just over one year.

Spaciousness was my dream.

But let’s be clear, I’m NOT a hustler. And you don’t have to be either.

We can make the amount of money that best suits us without having to “work hard.”

We can make a great income and impact without having to physically show up for 8 hours/day.

Also, we don’t have to live at the whim of what’s happening in the world!

My routine didn’t change much during the pandemic.

Recessions have never affected our business.

We’re in complete control.

And my question to you is,

What would creating an impact-driven, freedom-based online business look like for you?

Before we go any further, I feel it’s important for you to have good examples of what this can look like…


Pretty cool, right? And you'll hear more in a bit.

Enough intro, let's dig into this…

We've got a lot to cover so, again, be sure you can watch this without distraction.
Take notes.
Pause if you need to.
You have a few days to complete this.
I’m doing this so it holds you accountable to moving forward.

Here's what you're going to learn.


I want you to help you shine a light on what has been hidden in plain sight… There are no secrets, only truths.

Revelation #1

The #1 Paradigm Shift You Need to Remove Failure & Finally Create a Successful Online Business (And Prove All the Naysayers Wrong!)

Revelation #2

The Most Simple & Impactful Way to Enroll & Serve Your First Clients Online (within 30 days and without getting bogged down by social media)

Revelation #3

The New Way to Lock & Load All the Tech You Need Without Hiring an Expensive Developer or Virtual Assistant

Sounds pretty good, right? Well,

I can tell you in full honesty that it's not just good to build your business in the way we’re going to show you.


So Revelation #1…

The #1 Paradigm Shift You Need to Remove Failure & Finally Create a Successful Online Business

No more guessing what to do when or doing things out of order.

Now, this is the Client Value Journey.

This is the journey that clients take to gain VALUE from you and your business.

If you want to make a bigger impact and you want to make more money… you must add VALUE to people’s lives.

As long as you’re helping people improve their lives in some way, you can’t not be successful.

And so you want to take your clients on a journey where they continually gain value and benefit from your work.

When this was first explained to me it was a huge AH HA moment & I stopped feeling confused about HOW to be successful at this online business thing.

Here we go…

This is the journey that your clients go on.

They first become AWARE of you - by an ad, a post, a podcast interview, a book, etc. This is your advertising.

Then, they ENGAGE with you. They Google you. They start checking you out and getting to know you. They follow you on social media. Read your blogs, digest more of your content. This is content marketing.

Then, they SUBSCRIBE. They opt in for something and get on your email list.

This is one of the most important steps because your email list is an asset. It’s something that you own. While social media platforms can gain and lose popularity, email isn’t going anywhere and you’re in complete control.

From here you continue to add VALUE and build a relationship.

Then, they CONVERT from being a looky-loo into being a member of your community by giving you a micro commitment of time and/or money.

Typically this is when they attend an online event of some kind whether that’s a LIVE experience or an automated one like a pre-recorded webinar. Something where they’ve decided to sit down and really hear what you have to say and how you can help them.

This experience provides the EXCITE phase where you provide the exact AH HA moments that they need to have in order to say YES to working with you.

Then you have your ASCEND phase where they ascend into being a client of yours and beginning their journey of transformation with you. Starting with what we like to call, your ONE BIG THING. Your main offer that all clients go through before they potentially ASCEND to working with you on deeper levels.

From here, your clients become your ADVOCATES. Because you’re so good at what you do, they share about you with others.

And they can even become your PROMOTERS and you can have your own affiliate program and reward your clients financially & otherwise for bringing you clients.

Now, you know the journey your clients take.

What do you think YOUR journey looks like?

In which of these boxes do you start your process? And which box do you tackle next and next and next?

9/10 When I ask this question people say something like, “well they first have to become AWARE of you so you start in the AWARE phase.”

Errr! Wrong!

Where YOU start as an online business owner is with WHAT YOU SELL.

Because you do not have a business until you know what you sell.

Therefore, YOU start in the ASCEND phase.

You first clarify:
Who you serve
The transformation you provide

Then, you can say, “Ok! Based on who I help and the transformation I provide, what are the specific AH HA moments my clients need to say YES to what I offer?”

And then…
“Ok! Now what would be a free or low cost experience I can provide to serve up these AH HA moments?”

“Ok! How can I best articulate & represent myself online based on who I help & what I offer? How can I best showcase my expertise? Where are the best places to connect with my potential clients?

You let what you offer/provide/sell fill in ALL the details of your marketing strategy.

Do you see now why building a website, starting a podcast, writing a book, or posting like crazy on social media are all lost causes if you’re not first clear on who you help and how?

And having a website is actually a more advanced marketing strategy. You don’t want to invest in an website — or even a branding package — until you’ve ran your online group program a few times and you’re super clear on who the website is for and what you need to articulate on it.

You need only a few web pages for your online business at the start. A full blown website comes further down the line.

So there, I just saved you thousands of dollars and tons of time!
Please do not hire a web developer or a branding designer anytime soon!

People pay for RESULTS.
So, what is the RESULT that you deliver to WHO through an online offering?
This must be done first THEN you market what you offer.

Too many healers, creatives, and professionals who want to move online start marketing first - like posting on social media - before they have anything to sell and it’s a costly decision.

We see people spending months if not years posting inspirational or educational content online with no direction and no signs of actually creating a business.

Put your energy first into the results you can provide and then let this energy fill in the details from there.

You make a much, much greater & immediate impact this way on your clients and on your own growth & wealth. Everything builds beautifully from here.

Think about when you purchase something, what automatically goes through your mind is, “how is this going to help ME? Is this right for me? What am I going to get out of it? How is it going to make my life better?”

You must be SO CLEAR on these things before you dive into anything to do with marketing, which includes a website. Then you help some people get the result that you want to provide then go into marketing what you do to a wider audience.

For example, when celebrity Dj, Wes Please, signed on to work with us, he thought he wanted to help people become a better Dj.

Through our process he discovered that actually he wanted to help straight-up beginners. The more green, the better.

The 3 Phases of his program are:

> Learn to Dj
> Make your first mix
> Get your first gig

I’m sure you can imagine that if he decided to work with Djs with a bit of experience, his phases would be very different. Probably something more like:

> Take your mixing skills to the next level
> Make bang’in mixes that get shared & noticed by promoters & event organizers
> Book higher caliber gigs

Within a couple of weeks he found this clarity and was off to a great start!

It’s best to do this kind of clarity discovery work at the beginning. It can save you thousands of dollars and even years of time & work going in an unfavourable direction.

Always remember time is our most precious resource. You want to know you’re headed in the overall right direction from the onset.

This is why we put the CLIENT first and what you offer FIRST.

And we actually only let our clients move forward in the process once we’ve helped them reach a good level of clarity and they’ve enrolled at least 3 clients into their first online group program.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “but I don’t know what I’d offer? And where do these clients from? How do I figure this out?”

It's just a matter of following the steps, which I’ll share in more detail shortly.

And I just want you to know that if you've struggled before to clarify your offer or your ideal avatar or your “niche,” it's only because no one has given you the right steps yet.

We know and are friends with companies who do similar work as us, however, they don’t specialize in helping spiritual people like you and me. I’ve been through their processes and they skip right to Ideal Avatar Worksheets as one of the very first steps.

Errr! Wait! I felt like asking, “what about me? My values? What do I stand for? My journey?” I need to reflect on myself first and get in touch with my Soul before I can think about other people! THIS is where the magic happens.

And why one of the first posts our clients make have made some clients upwards of $10K! Because of the deep work we do first.

And just for the record, I also don’t like the word Avatar! We say Ideal Client Amplifier instead because we want you to work with clients who AMPLIFY you in every way. We re-word all kinds of marketing and sales terms so they are not triggering & way more inspiring.

This is a perfect segue into Revelation #2

The Most Simple & Impactful Way to Enroll & Serve Your First Clients Online (within 30 days & without getting bogged down by social media)

How did Wes find his clarity?

And actually go on to earn $9K in his first month with us!
And help his students go from zero to hero in the dj world!

Well, first it took a super deep dive into his personal values and clarifying what he wants, what he really cares about, and the impact he wants to make in his lifetime.

Then, once he felt grounded within himself and had aligned his heart and mind to his vision and began fully embodying his vision, he started talking to people and working with his first group of clients immediately.

You are NOT in business until you have CLIENTS. So best to just start working with clients NOW.

This is a way to BE the future leader version of yourself NOW and bring your Vision into reality quickly.

As our multi 9-figure serial entrepreneur client Trevor G. Blake says, “you don’t know what business you’re in until you’re in it, so just start.”

And how do you start?
Trevor says, “you gotta talk to people!”

You have to first ensure that you can have conversations and enroll clients online before anything else can be done.

This is also important because if you can’t find your own way that feels good to sell your offering online, your business won’t survive.

So right away, you face any hang-ups you have about sales and get over your fear. Right out of the gate, you do the hardest thing and then everything becomes so much easier after that.

Having enrollment conversations with potential clients are some of the most transformational moments you’ll share with others.

That might sound scary to you but don’t worry.
If you choose to collab with us, we got your back through this whole process.

And know that once you’ve hit an alignment between your heart and mind on a clear vision, the frequency of your actions change. People feel you on a deep level. And those who you’re meant to serve find you irresistible… because this IS your natural state.

You become magnetic.

What you feel on the inside is always, always reflected on the outside. Success is 80% about your inner world, and 20% about the actions you take. Once your energy is in the right place, your actions align to what brings your Vision into reality.

If you expect to enroll clients, it will happen. Bottom line.

If you have hesitations or doubts around this, it tells me you get to do some work on your beliefs.

But, here’s why working with clients FIRST works so well:

> First, because you become who you want to be now which brings your desired reality into the now. No more chasing or hustling. You own your truth. No more waiting around.

> It’s your duty and the responsible thing to do… to first make sure you know exactly who you want to help and how, and that you can help these people change their lives before you invest a bunch of time, energy, money, and enlist help from others to build out a full blown online business, brand, and community.

> And we don’t want to just pull this out of thin air! We gotta dive into the real-world. You gotta do a test run! We call this a Mini-Beta.

> A Beta is when you have a small group of people test out your process. We go as far as helping our clients first do a “Mini-Beta” where we keep it as simple as possible for them to have their first at least 3 clients sign on to work with them and help them build out the first version of their program.

Here’s what to do:

> You bring on at least 3 clients into your Mini-Beta.

> You’re already connected to your Mini-Beta clients. They are clients of yours inside your in-person business or they’re connected to you in some way such as through social media.

> You just gotta put the call out to your community to let them know you’re working on a new project and you could use their help in getting it rolling!

(This is the call-out post that has made our clients $10K!)

Don’t worry. We have all the language and help you need to roll this out.

> Then with a few basic tech tools to help you deliver your Mini-Beta, you gotta just go for it.

> You have a high-level idea of what you’re going to do but it’s going to change A LOT as you respond to your clients’ needs.

> Then by the end of your Mini-Beta, which is usually around 9-12 weeks, you have the first version of your product… your online group program!

> And you’ve made leaps and bounds towards those core items you need to know:

> who you serve
> the overall transformation you provide (people pay for results!)
> how you get them from A to B

And voila! In the process you’re also becoming the expert copywriter for your business.

Nobody knows your clients and what you do better than you. So with a little help from Chat GPT, you won’t need to hire a copywriter until further down the line as well.

Much of your copy can be word-for-word how your clients describe who they are, what they struggle with, and what they want.

And now you also have a much better idea of what you may want your online style to be a.k.a your branding.

You tick so much off the list & get SO much accomplished THROUGH serving clients.

You simply can’t pre-meditate this stuff.

You have to let your clients tell you what matters!
It always, always, always comes down to WHO YOU SERVE and the TRANSFORMATION you provide to them.
Every single decision.

Please, please do NOT hole up in your office building a program that you don’t even know will work for your clients or sell. And if you’ve already done this, let’s just wipe the slate clean and know that you can bring in elements of what you’ve already created when that’s the right thing to do.

You gotta get clients in the door first and then serve them and help them and let them help you develop your business.

This is how people have been building businesses for thousands of years! It’s no different with an online business.

And it’s not your fault that you got caught up in the many ways to be online! It’s confusing. You see so many people’s marketing and it’s easy to think, “Oh! Well if that’s what they’re doing, that’s what I should be doing! It’s obviously working for them!”

But here’s the thing. They have a whole… what’s called a “back-end.” They have their whole Client Value Journey built out. They’re only showing you their first few boxes: Aware, Engage, and Subscribe.


This is why we put the sale first and it’s best not to move forward until you’ve landed at least your first 3 clients. Plus, it's a way to ensure you earn an income right away as you begin the transition to online business owner.

Plus, it sure feels good to prove all your naysayers wrong!!

Right away you get to step into your power and trust, and move past any perceived limitations like a rocket ship to the moon!

By holding yourself accountable to enrolling at least 3 clients in 30 days, it happens! And if it takes a bit longer, so what. It’s happening, no matter what, especially when you have experts helping you & a community of supporters cheering you on.

So much of being successful in business is about your energy & mentality. More on this later.

You have a successful business once you’ve helped people get results. And yes, helping at least 3 people get results counts. What you build for your first group will go on to impact many, MANY more people.

And when you build more and more confidence and belief in yourself & what you offer, the easier it becomes to enroll clients and help them get results.

And these results become your marketing plan. You just share the results! The highest form of marketing is client success.

Again, people pay for results. That’s it.

And don’t worry it doesn’t need to be perfect in order to deliver a result. Overtime you can make things prettier :)

Look at what the first Apple computer looked like, compared to now…

There was no way Steve Jobs could have jumped straight to the sleek perfection of the current model.

It takes iterations. And the changes & improvements they made over time were based on user feedback.

In 1997, Jobs spoke to attendees of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference where he clearly stated that customers must be placed at the center of operations: “One of the things I’ve always found is that you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology,” going on to explain how Apple’s vision and strategy begins with a simple question about the customer: “’What incredible benefits can we give to the customer? Where can we take the customer?’ Not starting with ‘Let’s sit down with the engineers and figure out what awesome technology we have and then how are we going to market that?’“

Same goes for us.

We gotta work backwards from the outcome our clients desire.
Then we layer in our tools, methodologies, modalities, wisdom in the order that will create that outcome, while getting client feedback the whole way along so we can adapt to their needs & ensure the result.

This is also why it’s so important to get started now because it takes time to build up to having your version of a current MacBook.

One of my favorite quotes by an entrepreneur I think is really rad, Eben Pagan, said something like, “The most important thing is to get your Beta out as quickly as possible so you can let your clients help you develop the optimal product.”

I think about that often.


I really encourage you to take a moment to imagine it.

What would your business and your life look like if instead of stressing about HOW you’re going to do it, HOW you’re going to make money, HOW you’re going to help people online, HOW you're going to prove all the people who’ve doubted you wrong…

You just did it.

What if you had a comprehensive roadmap to follow that’s based on how any and all successful businesses became successful?

What if you could ignore all the ads & all the posts & all the videos and just focus on following your sure-fire plan?

If it sounds like a dream come true as a business owner who, over the course of 2 years, went from charging $44/hour to generating $1.8 million in a year, I can tell you that without a doubt, it is a dream come true.

But it is also a dream that is 100% possible in real life.

And that’s the key… bringing your Vision into real-life.

How do bring your dream into the physical?

This is the perfect segue into our final Revelation…

Revelation #3:

The New Way to Lock & Load All the Tech You Need Without Hiring an Expensive Developer or Virtual Assistant

Every business has an infrastructure.

Walk into any business and there’s a sign, a storefront, a welcoming staff member, a menu or list of services or shelves of products, a pathway to browse and pay for items…

They have a Client Value Journey in the physical world.

An online business does not run by different standards than a traditional brick and mortar.

Yours is just virtual.

Your Client Value Journey is in the virtual world.

Which, by the way, comes with A LOT of benefits.

Such as not having to pay high rents, hire a ton of staff, pay for utilities, etc.

And you have the freedom to #WFA.

And even set prices that feel best for the value of what you offer rather than set prices based on what your local competitors are doing.

Not be limited to a local client base and work with people around the world…

The list goes on…

Anyways though, we still have to still BUILD the infrastructure for our business.

While a restauranteer needs to hire all kinds of skilled tradespeople to build their business, we get to let technology do a lot of the heavy lifting.

And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to first become a technology expert or hire one to create, deliver, and sell an online program.

And I’ve said it before and I’ll say again… you need to know that you’ll never have the business of your dreams if you try to do this all by yourself or even invest in a lower cost, self-paced online course that teaches you how to launch an online course.

NO ONE is giving away their best goods for free or for very little $$.

And I know you believe in the power of collaboration & community learning if you’re listening to this & want to have an online group program so why would you want to build your online business & program in isolation? :)

When you do invest in getting help… Buyer Beware: Online business building and coaching companies rarely give you the technology you actually need & leave it up to you to build things out on your own the best you can…

They mainly do this because there are so many tools & softwares out there and they leave it up to their clients to decide what they want to use. There would be no way for them to provide training on all the different systems.

That’s setting you up for a lot of frustration and even failure because you’re not a tech expert and it takes too long to figure out. I think this is why a lot of people have not been successful with their online business.

What’s going to win?
Execution every time.

Or you’ve been told to hire someone… like a VA or a Web Person… wrong because you won’t get things built how you want them.

We’ve seen it happen so many times where a somewhat inexperienced person built out our client’s business and it’s just a mess and does not represent who they are or what they can offer.

And you don’t know how things work.

Build it right from the get-go.

VA’s and Web people are not Marketeers or experts in how to create programs that sell and make an impact.
And to hire a full blown agency who has all the team members you need from web developers to web designers to CRM and automation experts to online curriculum development is EXPENSIVE.

Also, if someone else builds your tech systems for you, you won’t know how things work.

You’ll be at their whim and have to request a work order even when you want to make a small change. Expensive.

The rapid growth of e-learning has led to the development of accessible and user-friendly tools. The success of these technology providers depends on the success of their clients.

As a result, these tools have been designed to be easy to use and have a minimal learning curve.

Despite the availability of user-friendly tools, people still struggle with deciding on the best next steps when it comes to building their online program.

Here’s the silver lining… the roadmap and the tech already exist!

Tons of people all over the world have already built out everything you need for your business many times over!

We don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel or questioning what to do next or building things from scratch.

You can leverage what is already proven and works.

Technology is so advanced now that you can take templates and examples from others (with permission of course), upload them to your account, and then just tweak things.

Companies like ours can give you a huge leg up!

So, what I want you to understand from this section is that you do not need to:

Figure the tech out on your own or become a tech expert
Hire anyone to build anything from scratch
You can partner with a company like ours who already has the roadmap and the tech built out and who will not only give you all the templates you need, but also give you instruction on how to plug & play and make it your own - it’s a super fun way to make the tech FUN! And collaborate to bring your dreams to life!

We call it our plug & play Soul-Led Tech Pack.

All you have to do is plug in your Soul! Your message! Your vibe!

And then we offer hands-on mentoring and instruction tailored to your level of expertise. Yes, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Our approach not only helps you stay focused on crucial tasks but also empowers you to utilize technology effectively and appreciate its benefits.

Cultivate a Relationship with Sacred Technology
It’s a Living Thing that Supports You

Fall in Love with it
It’s what extends your Soul into the world

Start to feel this connection NOW

You don’t know what you don’t know. Because we’ve been in this industry for so long, we know what to use and how to make things super simple so our clients get on the most enjoyable track to success.

As our client Blake said once,

“Complexity is easy – simplicity is hard. The Brightside Team is stripping the complexity of digital marketing and community-building away and showing us the path to abundance and success. They are doing the heavy lifting and hard work of simplicity so that we don’t have to. This is a gift … and for that gift, I am eternally thankful. Well done!”

Technology can be like a foreign language. It may seem overwhelming and confusing at first, but with the right guidance, templates, instruction, and our Tech Yodas by your side it can become an invaluable tool that massively enhances your life and business and becomes the extension of your Soul that impacts many around the world.

Here's the thing though,

There’s obviously a lot more to building a successful online business than I can fit into an hour.

I’m aiming to give you the wisdom that I’ve built up working in this industry for over 10 years in as few words as possible.

It was so hard to fit everything I wanted to share into this hour.

Now to make all of this work for your business,

There are a few really important things to address such as:

Dealing with uncertainty
BE-ing who you need to be to make your dreams come true, no matter what, and holding your Vision even when things get challenging.

This is where the real growth happens!

There’s no strategy in the world that will work until you move past what’s holding you back. Those pesky, stubborn limiting beliefs.

And we get to change those beliefs into what will ensure success. It’s really that easy, but it takes ruthless daily discipline.

Being ruthless means to reset the habits of complaining and whining about your life into real action for improvement, evolution and change.

This is the biggest “secret” that I know you know…

Everything in life comes from what we think about. Thoughts create feelings. Feelings create thought. Thoughts and feelings are energy waves that create “things.”

But how seriously are you taking this?

Most people get stuck in the physical world, reacting to life rather than shaping it. Their circumstances dictate their moves, and they end up in a never-ending cycle.

But what if we shift our focus? Instead of chasing reflections, we create the reflection.

There's a delay between our thoughts and their manifestation.

There’s a term for this in Quantum Physics, it’s called, “Quantum to Newtonian Transition Point.”

Everything is an energy wave before it becomes a particle.

If we don't see instant results in the mirror, we get discouraged, right?

It takes time. Think of it like steering an oil tanker on the ocean. It takes a couple of km’s to change direction.

I know you’ve been TAUGHT this in some way, shape, or form. But have you CAUGHT the learning?

Do you mind your thoughts & feelings all day, every day?

Are you CREATING the reflection you want to see?

It sounds like a lot of work but it gets easier and easier and then empowering thoughts & feelings that align to your ultimate Vision are the norm.

This is why four times a month we host an Epiphany Session. It’s a group Theta Healing session.

If you don’t know, ThetaHealing is a powerful meditative or spiritual technique created by Vianna Stibul, that can be used to access the power of your subconscious mind and use it to help you create the reflection you want to see.

When you’re a Brightside client, you can rest into knowing that at 4 different times every month you have somewhere to receive support so that your subconscious mind works FOR you, not against you.

When you’re not a client, I encourage you to seek out this type of support on a monthly basis.

It wasn’t until I took the health of my mentality & energy work VERY seriously that my life got really magical & our business really started taking off.

It’s true that it has taken me years to perfect the divine system that I use to turn our company into a 7-figure generating, harmonious enterprise.

And this is why we created the Client Amplification System or AMP for short.

This is the system that incorporates everything we've talked about today and more.

This is the most comprehensive system on the online business building block for Spiritual Entrepreneurs that will guide you step-by-step on how to turn your 1-to-1 practice or in-person services into your very own soul-led online business.

You can take that to the bank. We’re as real as they come or you’ll ever find.

From the personal growth and energy work all the way to nuts and bolts of the tech stuff, we got all your bases covered.

AMP is creates genuine connections with the people you can best serve and ensures that you create the very best version of your program that can serve you and your clients for as long as you want to be in business.

Build well what you sell from the get go, start getting some real people real results in your first 30 days, and you have the makings of a super divine business.

This is the exact system I used to more than 4x our business growth in about half the time I used to work when we had only 1-to-1 clients.

And it’s based on all the hard-earned success we gained where we were still grinding it out for clients over multi-hundreds of hours every month for over a decade! Insert “pain” emoji here, lol.

Brightside is proudly bringing out for you from behind-the-scenes.

And actually it's even better.

In fact it contains everything we know that created $1,883,000 in 2022.
We’ve even ran a few “Upgrade Experiences” with clients where we took groups through our process to further validate what we do and make it even better.

It's called the Client Amplification System because it takes what you’re already doing with clients and AMPLIFIES your impact and income by bringing your work online AND it AMPLIFIES your clients’ lives as they gain a powerful transformation.

And then they become your AMPlifiers & share about you with others!

And the Amplification Cycle continues.

All you have to do is move forward with our guidance.

All we ask is that you bring your full presence to each step and it will roll up into your beautiful business. We already have the roadmap laid out for you.

Now, here's what the AMP system includes:

There are only 5 modules, but like nobody cares about the number of modules, right?

In a cute little nutshell, it includes:

The building blocks for creating the foundation that every business needs to be successful.
And a delivery plan to validate your expertise by working with clients as quickly as possible.

This probably has a lot of moving pieces, right? It certainly does, but we break down each and every one with clear guidance and we’ve kept things as simple as possible.

It gives you an online transformational business that gets your clients what they want & signed up for. Period. End of story.

What do you people pay for?

What creates success?

Most online courses are a flop because they weren’t built with the CLIENT in mind. They were built based on what the course creator thought should take place step-by-step.

No, no. You gotta build it based on real-time client feedback so you can ensure the result.

At Brightside, our mission is to transform the online course industry by doing everything we can to ensure people finish what they start.

We know exactly where people get tripped up and we have the proper reinforcements.

Once we’ve helped you build up your confidence, cleared past business-building trauma, align to your values & vision, who you want to help and how…

You are going to learn exactly how to connect heart-to-heart with the right people online.

And we’re going to guide through lovingly inviting and enrolling your first group.

Then you are going to structure the delivery of your program so that it nurtures yourself and your clients at the same time so you’re all in the best place to receive the transformation that you provide.

While you’re doing so, we’re going to help you leverage our Soul-Led Tech Pack so you’re building in automation from the beginning.

Imagine serving your first group of clients, having everything set up in your membership site, and at the same time being able to enroll new clients and have them start from the beginning, without having to record new content!

And once you create your first program, you’ll discover all of the enhancements and personalizations that you can add to make it even more effective.

A mentor once saved my life by saying, “Keep it simple. Get ninja later.”

We're also gonna dig into marketing strategies. Because once you have something to sell that you’re proud of, NOW it makes sense to get into marketing in ways that feel good to you.

We’re going to show you our MTE process (Mini Transformational Experience) and how to give interested potential clients a taste of what you do before they say YES to the full meal deal. People love having a sample or demo of your work before committing.

And I want you to know that we give you plenty of room to flex your creativity.
This is NOT a one size fits all program.

Whether you already know what you want to offer…

Or you're a little iffy on it, this is going to be a breakthrough for you.

Many of our students have let us know that the biggest surprise for them in this program was just how comprehensive & simple our process is from anything else they've encountered and how it's gotten them to connect with their people in a whole new way.

I’ve been creating amazing group experiences since 2011! Getting my start with MindValley was a huge leg up.

So you better believe that you’re also getting a course here on how to make meaningful connections here.

But, I am not going to sugarcoat this.

It takes a decent amount of work to put together a successful soul-led online business but at the same time, we’ve done everything we can to make this as easy and simple as possible for you!

Talk about templates GALORE.

Our client Heather said once, “AMP is worth it for the templates alone!”

We’ve also created a workbook for each step in the process to keep you focused.

This isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. Most programs provide Google Doc templates. We’ve taken this to a whole new level where all documents compile into one area.

We’re time saving nerds at the Brightside! Every second counts.

And by the way, when it comes to assembling the larger elements of your, like your membership site or your email automations, well, we already built all of that out for you and you get to plug & play with what you put in your workbook!

How cool is that!

In a nutshell, AMP is powered by proven collaborative principles to ensure you build the right program for the right people in the right order.

It has built-in validation reinforcement by your clients who are giving you feedback every step of the way.

And with a proven system in place, you can continue to grow until you reach the revenue level that you want.

Add an extra $50K+ to your annual income? No problem.

Six figures, absolutely.

Seven figures, I've done it. And you can, too.

Eight figures. I mean why the heck not?

I believe the world is being changed for the better by Loving, Spiritual Multi-Millionaires.

Now, value's always a tricky thing, right? Technically,

If you combine our income with our clients’ incomes, the value inside AMP is multiple millions of dollars.

We use all aspects of what we teach to create an increase in income for ourselves and everyone we work with.

Let's look at the value of the program a little bit more functionally and put that value at $25,000.

I've spent that for a year-long mastermind in the past, and I got way less personalized support & zero pre-built tech so that still might be undervaluing, but let's just put a stake in the ground right there.

So, let’s say AMP is valued at $25,000.

Now here's the thing.

This is a program and a system unlike anything that you have encountered, and you're going to finally do the thing that you want to do and prove all your naysayers wrong by being successful with an online transformational program.

So you are going to have questions, and you're going to want help with the tech & feedback on everything that you'll be working on.

So your commitment includes a weekly Q&A call with me and this isn’t just any Q&A call!

We start with a channeled meditation, we cut chords, we do whatever Spirit is guiding me to do to best serve all the AMPers who come LIVE to the session.

Then, we dig deep into what you need to shine a light on to move forward powerfully and I answer any and all questions that you have.


We also have multiple weekly Tech Calls where my hubby Kevin & our Tech Yodas dive into your tech and help you screw in all the nuts and bolts for your virtual business.

“Tech Yodas” because they are your heroes.
Did you know Yoda is the Sanskrit word for for Hero?

Then, there are the four Theta Healing Epiphany Sessions every month to receive healing & support on multiple dimensions so you don’t let self-sabotage creep in.

Now, I dunno about you, but I have also found that having a community of peers helps keep me on track and serves as an invaluable sounding board and support network.

I bet you will not find a more supportive, loving, empathetic, and genuine community as our AMPers.

Here’s what Lukez has to say about our community…

And very importantly, you also need to know that your purchase gives you lifetime access to the program, including any enhancements we make.

Our team is constantly staying up to date with what’s working best and then integrating this into AMP.

Okay, so let's add the personalized support from us on top of AMP’s value of $25,000.

If you were to hire us for a one hour private consulting call, depending on what we’re working on, we’d charge a bare minimum of $500.

So, to be on the conservative side, a weekly call with us for six months is a value of $12,000.

And we make ourselves available as a team to you for up to 6 hours/week. And always add more call slots as needed to make sure everyone gets what they need.

So, let’s round down a bit…

5 hours/week x $500
X 4 weeks/month
X 6 months

= $60,000


Let's actually start putting this together.

So AMP is valued at $25,000. The 5-hours/week over six months is valued at $60,000.

And our community, well, I mean really a loving resource like that is, is invaluable. Our clients create life-long friendships!

And you get lifetime access to the program, including enhancements, well, again, it's hard to put a value on that.

Then there’s the Soul-Led Tech Pack - getting a good website done alone is $10,000 or more and there’s way more than that in the Tech Pack but to be conservative let’s put the value of this at $10K.

Also, think with the way AI is moving, we will consistently be releasing new tech systems and you won’t have to pay a dime for the upgrades (or for the time we spent staying on the leading edge & up to speed with changes).

This new enhancement might make you $5,000 or it might make you $500,000.

So let's just keep it simple and go with invaluable, too.

And what that means is that the total value of the system that I can confidently monetize is $95,000.

So let me just turn this around for a second and ask you a question.

If you had an online version of your business making a big difference in many people’s lives through the profound transformation you provide, what would be the value of that to you?

If you could help hundreds or thousands more people every year & earn an additional 6-figures by leveraging technology with ease, would that be worth investing $95,000 just once to get that outcome indefinitely, basically as long as you wanted to be in business?

And I can tell you that if you're not there yet, there could be time in your business when making a $95,000 investment will not be that big of a deal because you know the ROI is there.

But today does not have to be that day.

Instead of paying $95,000, the full cost of the program is just $8,000.

Or at least that's the standard enrollment price.

However, your presence in this training signifies your dedication to your vision.

To honor your commitment, I'm delighted to make taking the next step even more accessible.

I believe in rewarding people who want to dive right in and create magic! I really mean this. The clients who’ve created amazing results are the ones who gave a full body YES and didn’t hesitate and I just love working with this energy. It’s SO fun.

So, I’d like to give you a “Swift Response Blessing” because I believe prompt action brings many blessings. Energy likes to MOVE.

Also because most people watch this training when they are new to our Brightside community… consider this your welcome gift.

Instead of the standard price of $8,000.

You can get started on a six month payment plan and pay $1,100 today.
Or choose to make one payment of $5,500.
That's a savings of as much as $2,500 off of the standard price.

And many people have happily paid more than $8,000 for AMP.
As much as $15,000, when Kevin and I offered more 1-to-1 time.

What you’re getting here is the same amazing program and we still provide a TON of personalized support.

And please know, once this time sensitive invitation expires, it will not come back. Truly never, never, ever.

This is just a one time super special invitation for those coming in new to our community and who are ready to dive in & create magic!

See that clock there. Once that timer runs out, you won’t see this Welcome Gift / Swift Response Blessing ever again.

You will have the opportunity to purchase in the future for the regular enrollment price. But why pay $2,500 more just to have a few more days to think?

And except for this one time discount, we do not run sales, ever.

So you can believe me when I say that you will never see this price again after this fast action or Swift Response Blessing period ends.

Now let me help put this in some perspective for you.

Let's say with AMP,

You build an online group program that sells right away.

And let's say for the sake of an example that you’ll charge $1,000 for your Mini-Beta.

Now, obviously these are just example numbers.

We’ve had clients charge as much as $5,000 for their Mini-Beta.

We can't make any income guarantees since we can give you all of the information, all of the steps and all of the support, but it's up to you to take action on it. Just like anything.

You can’t buy your way to a new life. You have to do the work. And I don’t think there’s another team on this planet who cares as much as we do about making sure spiritual online business owners thrive, immediately!

But for the sake of an example, let's say, you enroll clients into your Mini-Beta at $1,000 each and you start by Day 30 of the process or soon after.

Now, you must enroll AT LEAST 3 clients. Remember, we actually don’t let you move forward until you do so there’s reinforcement there.

Therefore, you will make AT LEAST $3,000.

Therefore, you will have made back more than half of your investment quickly.

Wes, he enrolled 6 students at $1500 for his Mini Beta and made $9,000 in his first 30 days.

Aidan enrolled 8 students for a total of $8000.

Sedona enrolled 28 clients at $1,500 and made $42,000.

Eve enrolled 5 clients at $5,000 each and made $25,000.

We also have clients like Kim. It was a big deal for her to charge more than $0 and just get started. She enrolled 6 clients at $200 each for a total of $1200. And she built up her confidence and has increased her price & is enrolling more groups. She’ll continue to sell what she built with us for YEARS to come.

What all of these clients share in common is that they got started in the best way building their foundations that will serve them for as long as they want an online business.

What’s most important is that you get started.
And you get started by working with people.

Because you have to BECOME the person you want to be first.
And that version of you is working with clients. Of course.

We support you to create the reflection you want to see quickly!

We’ll help you determine what to charge and how many people to serve and then you can always build up from there.

Someone like Eve was very comfortable charging $5,000 for her Mini Beta.
Others $500 feels like a stretch.

The money doesn’t matter as much as you being who you want to be, doing the work you are meant to do, and making that bigger impact you are destined for.

Again, you can always work on the business side of things — like increasing your prices & putting in systems to help more people — once you’ve validated what you do and gained essential confidence & stellar testimonials.

If you already have that confidence, great! We’ll support you to stretch your beliefs wide open and step into receiving your next level of abundance.

Plus that's only one program. If you're like many of our clients, once you get a taste of how divine this system is, you may want to create more programs to help more types of people.

You can create an unlimited number with our system!

All of that for just $5,500 or even just an initial payment of $1,100.

Now, I have some questions that I wanna make sure I answer, but before I do, I have a few things to share with you from our beloved clients:

Trevor G. Blake, a multi-nine figure serial entrepreneur says,

“LivingBrightside.com was introduced to me in mid-2019. In 2022, Trevorgblake.com LLC netted $1 million in revenue under their creativity and energetic guidance. That is quite some turnaround from a $90K loss in a short time. That should be enough of a testimony for anyone to jump on board.

I am confident in my products. They impact. A killer product is essential for any success. That fact will never change.

Our working relationship has always been about how to make the most impact in people’s lives, and it is hard to place a value on that attitude.

I have the hard evidence and proof is in the pudding of the financial turnaround.

**More importantly, however, we have had so much fun impacting people’s lives.

**I have had more fun creating this first million-dollar annual revenue than any of the hundreds of millions I have previously created. It has been a blast, and long may it continue.”

~ Trevor G. Blake, Founder and Chief Energy Officer

Eve Harmony said,

“The team at Living Brightside is knowledgeable, caring, and professional. They know how to take you from ground zero and confused about where to start, to running your first online course in a very short time. I've already done $25K in revenue from 5 new students signing up, and I haven't even fully launched yet.”

Vicki says,

“I have dreamed about creating an online transformational program for years, and I have worked with other wonderful coaches who helped me grow and to articulate my ideas. What sets Team Brightside apart is that they provide the whole package, walking us through step-by-step, from the initial vision and ideas, to creating our signature program, to marketing and sales, to actually setting up the tech to put it out there in the world, with massive spiritual, energy, and mindset support along the way. I have come further on the path to bringing my dream to life in the short time I have been in 'AMP' than I did in all the years prior to coming to the Brightside. If you want to create an online signature program of your own, save yourself a lot of time and say 'yes' to working with Team Brightside! You will thank yourself later!”

Helpful, right?

Okay. Now let's dig into some questions.

What other costs are associated with this investment?

Besides having a paid account for Zoom, the only paid service that you’ll need is the all-in-one online business building building and management platform, Ontraport.

Ontraport is like the swiss army knife for your online business.

Remember that Client Value Journey we went over near the beginning, it automatically manages all aspects of this.

We’ve been using it since my MindValley days (2011) and have Certified Ontraport Techs on our team who help you use the system.

And it’s only going to cost you $24/month to get started.

You get to click buttons, add everything you need to your own Ontraport account, and plug and play from there.

Ontraport is also integrated more and more AI tools to make your life easier.

Will I get feedback on my work?

Absolutely! You will get access to a weekly Q&A call for 6-months. We can go over whatever is top priority for you.

You are never in this alone and we always get our AMPers what they need to move forward. You'll also get six months access to our Facebook group where you can workshop your work with your fellow AMPers.

And if you need extra support, we’re here for you. We’ll do whatever we can as a team to make sure you get what you need.

And don’t forget about the Soul-Led Tech Calls. Our Tech Yodas not only give you feedback on your work they do work with you, help you build web pages, write copy, you name it. Whatever step you’re on, we help you. Hands on.

Next questions,

Do I have to spend money on ads?

It will take some time to build up to the point where it makes financial sense to run ads.

It’s the main way we prefer to grow our business because once your ads are working you can let them run & bring you potential clients on auto-pilot 24/7 (so your marketing strategy isn’t fully dependent on you creating social media content, yay!) and you can focus on serving your clients, doing what you love, and being with those you love.

What if I don’t enroll at least 3 clients by Day 45?

No worries. We’ll work through the kinks together and help you cross this milestone. If it takes longer, it takes longer.

And if we have to grant you access to more time in the program, we’ll do that at no extra charge, but only if we know you’re doing everything you can.

We’d rather work with you to get over the humps of what isn’t bringing in clients, — which can be anything from a lack of self-worth to a lack in clarity of who you want to help — then to see you spend all this time building out an online course that you don’t end up being able to sell because of the inevitable roadblocks that were not addressed at the beginning.

Catch my drift?

We gotta crack that code early on!

How long will this all take? Great question.

As you could probably guess, this depends a lot on you and your other priorities.

If you are laser focused and making it your top priority, you can be working with your first group of clients by week 3 of the process.

If you don't quite have that kind of time and you have a few hours to dedicate to it a week, ideally you’re still starting to get going with your first group by no later than Day 45.

What I will say though is this, even if you only have a few hours a week to give to it and three months feels like a long time from now, three months is gonna pass no matter what.

You could either be three months wiser or three months wiser with an online business.

How customizable is your system?


We’ll give you the frameworks and all the templates.
Your Soul then leads the filling in of the details.
Again, this is why we call it the Soul-Led Tech Pack.

Our Tech Yodas help you customize the system as well.

Is this really the only time I'll see this reduced price?

Or what I prefer to call a “Swift Response Blessing” (because prompt action brings about many blessings sooner than later :) ).


This really is the only time you will see this blessing and it is the lowest, sacredly affordable price you will ever see for this program.

Even after this opportunity is gone, you won't ever see a sale or a discount.

The reason being is that we know you’ve wanted this online business dream for a while and we want to support you to move into it as quickly as possible. Let’s do this!

Also, we offer this on principle. We never want people to regret purchasing because they see a better price later. And we never want people to put off getting started just in case a coupon code comes along. So no sales or no discounts ever.

This is how we feel we can be in highest integrity with supporting you to move forward and having no remorse while getting the best, lowest price we feel comfortable offering.

You will get another chance to invest at the standard exchange in a bit (which is still more than worth the investment!), but why pay $2,500 more just for a few more days to decide?

You won't find as comprehensive and practical and supportive online business building program for spiritual humans anywhere else.

As I keep saying, our support is unrivaled!

What it comes down to is this, my team and I are deeply, deeply invested in you becoming the leader you were born to be.

Kevin sometimes says, “you can’t pay people to care.”

And boy, do we CARE.

Just ask any of our clients.

We care about you experiencing the freedom and the joy and the relief of knowing that you are living your purpose & not only being but creating the change you want to see in the world (and getting paid well to do so!).

That is true success and that is what I want for you.

And let me cover a couple more of those “yeah, buts…” because I know there might still be some in your head.

“Yeah, but it seems like everyone and their dog has an online program…”

I am going to gently and lovingly challenge you on this one a little bit.

When there are lots of people doing something similar it means there’s a market for it! That it’s in demand!

In fact, the e-learning industry is estimated to grow to to over $800 billion by 2030. In 2021 it was at around $200 billion.

Do you think there’s space for you?! Absolutely!

“Yeah, but I hate sales. And I’m not good at marketing.”

No problem.

We’re going to get you over the hump by enrolling at least 3 clients into your first group as quickly as possible. And you’re going to LOVE our process. No “sleazy selling” at the Brightside. Only genuine connections that create true transformation.

And then you’re going to let your clients do the selling and marketing for you.

What I mean by that is as you build your program, you determine what your clients want and need. And then you’ll help them receive this epic transformation.

And that’s all you need to market!

Aspects of your program…
Statements & results of your clients…
Answers to common questions…

It all flows effortlessly once you have the first version built out.

“Yeah, but I’ve already built a program and done so much work.”

We all need to be careful not to be too invested in something even when it’s not working.

There's actually a term for this because it's a problem that our human minds grapple with so often. It's called a “sunk cost fallacy.”

And it means that we have a tendency to keep doing something because we've invested time, money, and or energy into it. Even when it's not working.

Now there may be aspects of what you’ve already built that are fabulous and we’ll use as much as we can.

The most important thing is to create something that SELLS first and then DELIVERS the TRANSFORMATION.

If one or both of these things aren’t happening, then it’s faster to start from scratch and then layer in what you want to keep that does work.

“Yeah, but it's not the right time for me to get started.”

I get that we all live full lives, but first we're talking about your time & income here.

If your business isn't making consistent revenue, then all of the other tasks we have have to come second. If we're not bringing in money, we don't have a business, or if we're not bringing in enough money, we're not gonna be in business for much longer.

Revenue has to be your top priority. You can’t serve from an empty cup.
You must take care of yourself first then you can serve from an overflowing cup.

Let’s get you there!

And second,

At a time when your schedule is packed, you absolutely can't get started at this moment, don't forget that you have lifetime access to the program.

So it's there whenever you're ready to get started and your six month access to support will still give you plenty of time and plenty of support even if you can't dig in at this exact moment.

Listen carefully…

And if you have a legitimate reason for not being able to take full advantage of the 6-months of support starting right now, we can postpone your start date for that.

Once we start the 6-months, it’s go time. You won’t want to hit the pause button because starting & stopping delays the Compound Effect from kicking in. You want your actions to build up to big rewards.

And please keep in mind that while you gotta put in the work now, the business you start building with us has the potential to give you complete time-freedom.

I do exactly what I want every single day and I want that for you, too.

The sooner you get started, the sooner time-freedom is your norm.

Remember, the Swift Response Blessing price is only available while that clock still has time on it, you won't see it again. I want to be very clear about this.

You'll get the chance to sign up at a later day, but only ever at the full exchange, which by the way, is still heavily favored towards you & YOUR personal abundance flow.

My point is that you don't have to be ready to start right now (but we hope you don’t let anything hold you back!).

You just have to be ready to save $2,500.

Now I have one more thought for you before I let you go.

All of this really comes down to two choices.

Choice one is to keep doing what you're doing. And I don't know you personally yet, but if you're like the vast majority of spiritual business builders, you're struggling to find some consistency in your income & you fear you’re not making the impact you were born to make or that it’s not happening quickly enough.

You started your heart-centered service-based business to experience more freedom, but instead you're working more than you want to or you're waking up in the middle of the night wondering what you should be doing or you're trying all of the things to become a better healer, creative, entrepreneur, person, spouse, parent, sibling, etc, etc… and you’re struggling to be at peace, fulfilled & satisfied as you create your dream life…

And the challenge you gotta overcome is that,

You must focus on the ONE thing that will have the biggest cascading effect on everything in your life.

I believe a spiritual online business that gives you total freedom to be who you are every single day is that thing. I’m living proof. And so are my clients.

But choice two,

Choice two is to make the success of your spiritual online business a priority,
to absolutely completely commit to it,
to decide to make that change,
and try a new approach,
to learn a tried & true way of growing your business that puts your beloved clients’needs and wants first,
and at the same time makes your life, your schedule, and your income so much more open & FREE, impactful, anchored in constancy and foresight, and yes, capable of great expansion if you want.

The decision rests within you: to persist in inner conflict or to embrace the path of empowerment, where you take the reins of your business, your income, your impact and your journey to complete fulfillment.

Click on the sacred link presented before you, and I look forward to meeting you on the other side, The Brightside. I am filled with anticipation to commence our soul-led business collaboration.

Sales Page Template 1
Headline: Capture attention with a bold promise or a provocative question that speaks directly to the desired outcome of the target audience.

Subheadline: A reinforcing statement that elaborates on the headline with a specific benefit or result.
Introduction: Personal greeting from Lara, establishing credibility and a connection, possibly with a brief personal story or mission statement.

The Big Problem: Address the main challenges and pain points the audience is facing, using empathetic language to show understanding and build trust.

The Solution: Introduce the product or service as the clear answer to the problem, highlighting its unique value proposition.

How It Works: A simple explanation of the product or service, possibly using bullet points for clarity and easy reading.

Benefits: Emphasize the transformational benefits of the product or service, focusing on the outcomes rather than features.

Testimonials: Share stories and testimonials from satisfied clients to provide social proof and demonstrate real-world results.

The Offer: Clearly state what the audience will receive, along with any bonuses or additional incentives.

Guarantee: Address potential objections with a satisfaction guarantee or risk-reversal element.

Call to Action: A strong, clear call to action that tells the reader exactly what to do next.
Closing: A personal sign-off from Lara, reinforcing the main benefits and encouraging the reader to take the next step.
Sales Page Template 2
Get Attention:
Headline: Craft a headline that captures the unique value proposition of your offering, using power words to evoke curiosity or urgency.
Subheadline: Support the headline with a subheadline that adds more context or introduces a secondary benefit.
Instructions: Use clear, benefit-driven language. The headline should be bold and specific, and the subheadline should elaborate on the headline to draw the reader in.

Identify the Problem:
Problem Section: Clearly articulate the pain points that your product or service aims to solve, making them relatable to the reader.
Instructions: Use empathetic language to show understanding. Describe the problem in a way that resonates with the reader’s own experiences, as advised by Frank Kern.

Provide the Solution:
Solution Section: Position your product or service as the solution to the problems mentioned earlier.
Instructions: Highlight the transformation rather than the features, as recommended by Sabri Suby. Explain not just what the product is, but how it will change the reader’s situation for the better.

Present Your Credentials:
Credentials Section: Establish your credibility with personal stories, case studies, and proven results.
Instructions: As Ryan Deiss suggests, build authority by sharing expertise and experiences that demonstrate your ability to solve the reader's problem.

Show Benefits and Outcomes:
Benefits Section: Detail the benefits and the positive outcomes that come with your offering.
Instructions: Follow Sabri Suby’s approach by focusing on the end result that the customer truly desires, and paint a picture of their life post-transformation.

Social Proof/Testimonials:
Testimonials Section: Incorporate testimonials that show past success stories and satisfied customers.
Instructions: Use real stories and, if possible, include names and photos to add authenticity, as Frank Kern practices.

Make Your Offer:
Offer Section: Clearly lay out what the offer includes, with pricing, features, and bonuses.
Instructions: Create a sense of value by detailing what is included and how it exceeds the price point, a technique often used by Ryan Deiss.

Act Now Incentive:
Urgency Section: Introduce scarcity or a limited-time offer to create urgency.
Instructions: As recommended by Frank Kern, make sure your incentive for acting now is compelling and believable.

Give a Guarantee:
Guarantee Section: Offer a satisfaction guarantee to remove the risk from the purchase decision.
Instructions: Sabri Suby advises making the guarantee bold and unconditional to alleviate any fears of commitment.

Call to Action:
CTA Section: Direct the customer on exactly how to take the next step.
Instructions: Be clear and concise, using imperative language to guide the user on what to do next, following Ryan Deiss’s best practices.

Give a Warning:
Warning Section: Explain the negative consequences of not taking action.
Instructions: Without being alarmist, present a realistic picture of what inaction could lead to, as Frank Kern often does to motivate action.

Close with a Reminder:
Reminder Section: Recap the key benefits and reinforce the urgency to act.
Instructions: Reiterate the value proposition and the limited nature of the offer, reminding them of the transformation awaiting them, a strategy employed by Sabri Suby.


FAQ Section: Preemptively answer common questions or concerns.
Instructions: Address potential objections before they arise, providing clear and honest answers, following the approach of marketing experts like Ryan Deiss.
Sales Page Template 3
Pre-Headline: An attention-grabbing qualifier that calls out the intended audience.

Main Headline: A bold, benefit-driven headline that promises a major result or transformation.

Sub-Headline: A secondary promise or an immediate call to action that supports the main headline.
Opening Paragraph: A powerful introduction that hooks the reader by addressing their main pain point or desire.

Reveal the Pain: Agitate the problem by discussing the consequences of not solving it.
Introduce the Solution: Present your product/service as the answer to the pain just revealed.
Proof Elements: Include case studies, testimonials, and data that prove the effectiveness of your solution.

Offer Breakdown: Detail exactly what the customer will get, emphasizing the value and benefits of each component.

Bonuses: Add value to the offer with bonuses that complement the main product/service.

Guarantee: Provide a strong, risk-reversal guarantee that removes the fear of buying.

Scarcity: Highlight the limited availability of the offer to create urgency.

Call to Action: A clear, bold directive on what to do next, with instructions that are impossible to misunderstand.

Postscript (P.S.): Reiterate the main offer, the scarcity, and the call to action to capture those who skim to the end.Enter your text here...