There's Never A Dull Moment
When You're Living On The Brightside.

We're an experiential company that creates positive events for others
online & offline.
Headquarters: Kelowna, BC, Canada
Impact: Worldwide



Congratulations to Amber, Natalie, and the whole AMAZING Woman Unleashed Team! Which we are so proud to be a part of, too.

From vision to graphics, we've been co-creating the magical new

We partner with incredible companies like Woman Unleashed INC because we believe in, and take a stand for the same vision and goal... creating positive events and transformational experiences is what's changing the world and we can all do this and support each other in beautifully unique ways.

Do you want to positively impact many lives?
Contact us & let's see about getting you
the Brightside Touch!

Drs. Joy & Roy Martina Clients & Partners In Creating Good In The World

We love working with our team at Brightside INC! Lara & Kevin are not only heart-centered, badass Marketeers but even more importantly: they GET what we are about & find creative, beautiful ways of bringing our message to millions. And best of all: they make running an online business FUN.

And it doesn't stop there... we love how they contribute to our Live Events & Retreats too... through teaching yoga, Dj'ing, and ensuring our Guests have incredible life-changing experiences!"

We partner with Leaders, ChangeMakers, Entrepreneurs &
All-Around-Awesome-People to create GROWTH through BRIGHT ideas & ultra-positive vibes.

"Brightside marched into my business and helped me do all of the marketing for my membership site. My goal was 40 new people, but with their marketing genius, they helped me bring in 115 new members!!

An extra $30k per year for my biz in just a few weeks of hiring them. Their focus and dedication is palpable and they literally hit the ground running!

An absolute mover and shaker, detailed and systems oriented, with strong intuitive skills and absolute fearlessness.  The support I feel from Lara Brightside and her team is incredible, and her passion for marketing is beyond obvious.  

If the thought of making A LOT more money while you work a whole lot less sounds good to you, then you must work with her!!  Lara delivers the goods!! #LivingProof.

~ Corin Grillo, MA, LMFT, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Educator, and Modern Mystic ~

Corin Grillo leads transformative workshops and trainings in all things intuitive healing,  She teaches by bridging her students with direct mystical experiences, excessive amounts of laughter, down to earth spiritual wisdom, and powerful, cutting edge Energy Therapy techniques that rapidly heal the heart, mind, and soul. 

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The Heart Healing Revolution

The Heart Healing Revolution all began with some questions… "What is missing?” "What does the world need?" "How can we be of the highest service to humankind?" 

The answer came: Helping people #ChooseLove.

We first created a free 5-day online program with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina that anyone, anywhere can use to:

>  Connect with the Supreme Power of the Heart;
> Create Inner Peace;
> Embrace Forgiveness; 
> Break the Chains of the Past;
> Learn how to Train the Brain to create what you want in life;
> Celebrate Life!

… Our Mission is to be rooted in love to create the highest positive contributions to the planet… while helping others enjoy life to the MAX.

Over 20,000 people globally have taken part in this 5-session Heart Healing Process which ultimately contributes to more PEACE & LOVE in the world for everyone!

"After 5 days of Heart Healing Revolution by Drs. Joy & Roy, my life started to change tremendously in a very positive way, and this is only because I listened to a Brain Training meditation of approximately 15 minutes each day. So I imagined what would happen during a full week with Joy and Roy and 14 other “Heart and Mind Alike”! ... IMAGINE!!! Joining the retreat in Bali is the best gift for myself, and even more for the people around me."

~ Roy Kopp, Heart Healing Revolution Ambassador,  the Netherlands

Sign Up for 5 Virtual Heart Healing Sessions - it's free:


We recently partnered with FitClub24 to digitalize exactly what they're doing in their physical Fitness Clubs. 

The result of the success of this project will mean thousands more people around the world will reach their ultimate health & fitness goals.

The characteristic that differentiates FitClub24 and that makes it so special is the community of like-minded people who support and motivate one another in leading a healthy active lifestyle.

As such, we are creating this dynamic environment ONLINE where everybody is having a blast while getting into the best shape of their lives!

FitClub has helped thousands of people reach their weight & fitness goals. Their bootcamps & nutrition plans have so far helped their clients to drop over 60,000 pounds!

Now... we'll be taking this all to the next level!

"Lara, Kevin & Team Brightside are incredibly professional and have amazing ideas. It's definitely a pleasure to listen when you are on the phone, I am learning a ton! I believe in teamwork!
And this is a FABULOUS team!!!!" 

~ Mark LaChance, Founder at FitClub24, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Let's Come Together!

Where there are good people creating good vibes  
that's where you'll find us.
Doing what we do best.

Djs & Sound For Any Event.

"Kevin and the team at Living Brightside INC did such a great job at our Yoga event this summer. Because they are Yogi's as well, they were very in-tune to what our instructors needed in terms of music. Our team was so impressed by how well they could read the crowd & the tone of the event 🙂 ."

~ Tina M, Owner at Oranj Dance Fitness, Kelowna, BC

Brightside was great supporting us with all our sound needs for our "Ohhhh Canada" production. Warner helped me to make all our songs sound as good as possible, even helped with editing some of the poor quality ones. We will definitely be hiring them for the next showcase."
~ Tina M, Producer at Femme Fatale Burlesque

Dj's & Sound Pros For Any Production in the Okanagan.

"We love Team Brightside here at Army of Sass Penticton! Wes, Kevin and Warner have been helping with our shows over the past 2 years & are an amazing addition to our team. We've had the opportunity to hire them to DJ, provide lighting and cut music for our shows and I am always blown away by how professional they are. Our crowd really enjoys dancing to their music after each show because they have such a great sense for feeling out the energy of the crowd. Team Brightside really helps to liven up each one of our parties with their professionalism & upbeat energy. I will definitely be hiring them again for future shows!"
~ Nadine Barrett, - Licensee and Instructor at Army of Sass

Dj's & Sound Pros For Any Production in the Okanagan.

We Rock A Wedding!

       "We can honestly tell you that we LOVED
having you here and will be passing you
on to our couples." 
~Shylyn Ranch

"We are literally just adjusting our vendor list
to have you at the top of Djs! We had a blast
with you. Thank you for being so accommodating
and easy to work with!
We will definitely see you again in the future!
~ Rustic Weddings, Sorrento

       "We both wanted to say a HUGE thank you!!!!!
You kept our dance floor packed all night and
we had the best time ever!!!"
~ Jacqueline & Mike

Dj's & Sound Pros For Weddings Throughout The Okanagan.

Yoga, Yoga, YOGA!

We've published almost 400 online free yoga classes, as well as taught yoga at events such as Lightning in a Bottle in California, AwesomenessFest in Maui, the Heart Healing Revolution Detox Retreat & Mastermind in Bali, the BC Yoga Conference, The Pure Power Event, the Victoria Yoga Conference, and "THE Summer Camp for Entrepreneurs," a.k.a Camp Maverick in Kent. CT.

We specialize in guiding people (especially busy entrepreneurs & creatives) to use the power of relaxation and embrace the meditative practices of Traditional Tantra Yoga. 

Our classes & workshops are greatly inspired by our 4-months of intensive training at Shri Kali Ashram in South Goa, India. Our yoga motto, "consider that slow yoga is advanced yoga because the mind wants to rush us." 

We're all about healing the daily aches, pains, and stresses that build up in order to keep soaring & shining brighter & brighter in life and business!

"I used to have terrible back & shoulder pain because of an old softball injury that would swell up and throb, but since I've been doing yoga with you, the back & shoulder pain has completely alleviated. I have more energy, I've lost more weight and toned up areas that I was having issues with. I've also felt a spiritual and mental shift, too. My soul is opening up and I'm finding my truth. LOVE you guys!"

~ Katherine Wittman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Heart Healing Revolution
 | Detox | Retreats | Masterminds |

Along with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina, we are organizing the 2nd Heart Healing Revolution Detox Retreat & Mastermind.

This is a live 6 day event with the Doctors & Trainers designed to help you unlock & awaken the forces inside to break free of any limitation to create the exceptional quality of life you deserve.

Discover how you can surpass the limits to realize your life goals, dreams & desires. Take control of your life & become the change you wish to see in the world, too.

"I am grateful to you, Joy and Roy, for sharing your knowledge with us and giving us the chance to personally grow in the most transformational, emotional ways. It has been the most enriching experience of my life so far. Thank you to Lara and Kevin for their amazing work with us and for the Yoga classes sessions." 

~ Elisa Beneiro, Heart Healing Revolution Ambassador, Italy

"Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is US. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately
a personal one.”
~Marianne Williamson

What Does It Mean To Be #LivingBrightside?
Our Team Brightside Put Together This Acronym To Explain Just This!

Want to join the Brightside Team? Contact Us With Your Resume.

T: ogetherness 

E: nthusiasm 

A: daptibility 

M: indfulness 

B: old 

R: ad

I: ntuitive

G: enerous

H: ealing 

T: rusting

S: tress Release

I: deas 

D: reams do come true 

E: mpathetic Entrepreneurship 

Working for Lara & Kevin at Living Brightside INC has been incredible! They saw the potential in me immediately after graduating with my business degree & their encouraging and supportive attitude has allowed me to flourish as a professional. They have trained me in countless areas such as: web design, project management, copy writing, personal relations, coding, management, and of course, internet marketing. They provide perfect balance between guidance and freedom that allows me to grow.”

~ Tara Good, Marketing Coordinator, Living Brightside INC

Want to join the Brightside Team? Contact Us With Your Resume.


Our story begins soon after our Co-Founder, Lara Brightside, escaped from a diamond mine!

Well... kinda. She began her Marketing Career post receiving her Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads Uni with... a Diamond Seller. His crazy antics in the material world made her realize that she didn't want to put diamonds on people's fingers... she wanted to put them in people's hearts!  

Then, her dream came true... she was hired by one of the biggest online publishers in the Transformational Industry, MindValley. She quickly got to work helping them to build up their amazing in-person event, AwesomenessFest (now known as A-Fest) which travels to exotic locations around the world & inspires the HEARTS of Change Makers & Entrepreneurs to shine brighter! 

Not only did she did she receive first-hand experience in creating exceptional events... she met incredible people at AwesomenessFest who were real catalysts. Life-changing opportunities opened up and she got to work helping to build these ChangeMaker's entrepreneurial endeavours through creative marketing, social media savvy & virtual growth hacking! 

Lara & Kevin met and fell in love in 2011 and they've been creating #LivingBrightside ever since! Kevin left Forestry work behind and didn't hesitate diving into learn the many ropes of modern (and highly conscious!) business-building. 

Together they have helped everyone from Health & Fitness Experts, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Medical Doctors & Psychotherapists to Scuba Divers & Graphic Designers bring their Great Work online... they've created & been a part of initiatives that have positively impacted thousands of people around the world, and supplied countless people with great life-changing times through their LIVE Events including their sold out event, The Brightside Earth Day Get Down.

The fact that they rock at both the online and offline sides of providing transformational experiences has people wanting to work with them on everything from web design to orchestrating and "brightside-ifying" their retreats and live events.

They've taken all of their passions & experiences and found ways to be of service to others while creating an exciting life for themselves & those they work with. 

Now? Their team is growing & they're supporting more and more people around the world to light up their lives, shine brighter with passion, and change the world!